Jon and Kate Plus 8: Add Another Girl to The Jon Gosselin To-DO List

Well, are we still surprised that a new girl's joining the Jon Gosselin bandwagon? In Touch Weekly reports that another lady has stepped forward claiming she had a relationship with the dad of eight. Okay, this is just getting ridiculously disgusting. Even though he'll probably deny it once again, all these rumors are getting on my nerves. I can only imagine how the Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars feel.

According to the publication, a woman named Samantha Sterling proclaimed herself a "Vegas girl" who had a threesome with Jon Gosselin. It happened back in August while he was in Las Vegas. Not to worry, he was supposedly already single at the time.

Sterling also referred to the Jon & Kate plus 8 patriarch as "sex-crazed," but that didn't seem to stop her. She then went on to explain what she thought of the Gosselin father. "Jon likes getting sex from different places," she said. "He absolutely thinks he can have anyone he wants. If his friends spot a good-looking girl, he asks them for a photo of her breasts."

And that is how to make me barf a little. Don't these ladies have standards at all? Okay, maybe painfully low ones if they're willing to flash in exchange of a compliment. But wait, there's apparently more to the story than that.

"Jon has a convincing way that makes a girl feel like she could trust him," Sterling continued. "The way he stares at you, it's very intriguing. Whichever woman he's with, he makes them feel like they are the only one."

We can probably throw this allegation into the bin of flames, seeing the possibility that this is yet another plea for attention. Is it that easy to ride the Jon Gosselin fame train?

Speaking of the guy, he has already rebuffed all the accusations via his representatives. The last one was of nanny Stephanie Santoro, which he replied to by saying he was "flattered" by the rumors despite their inaccuracy. Oh well, we all expected him to say so.

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