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Now that nearly all of the new Fall shows have premiered (there's a few stragglers like Three Rivers, debuting this Sunday on CBS and White Collar, debuting in late October on USA Network), we thought it a good time to discuss which shows have made the cut for YOU?

To refresh your memory, here are the new shows that have debuted over the course of the last few weeks, separated by network:


The Jay Leno Show







The Cleveland Show


NCIS: Los Angeles

The Good Wife

Accidentally on Purpose

The CW

Melrose Place (2009)

Vampire Diaries

The Beautiful Life (already canceled, sorry)



The Middle

Modern Family

Cougar Town



The Forgotten (TV)

Shark Tank


Bored to Death (HBO)

Which of these shows have been standouts for you - enough to begin watching on a regular basis?


Default avatar cat
Oct 1, 2009 3:57PM EDT

ive been watching most of themm, ahaaa shusshh i have noo lifeee. :$im watching;- mercy- trauma- glee- the good wife- accidentally on purpose- melrose place- the vampire diariesss (l)- the beautiful life (Before it for cancelled)- modern family- cougar town-flashforward- the forgotteeen.
yeesssss guuyss i knoo i havee noo lifeee, buuut i loveee tv showss :$

Default avatar cat
Oct 1, 2009 4:34PM EDT

So far I like Modern family, Flashforward, Vampire diaries, the cleveland show :D

Default avatar cat
Oct 1, 2009 11:53PM EDT

Just community, flashforward, and Bored to Death.

Default avatar cat
Oct 2, 2009 2:38AM EDT

for me i liked FlashForward on top of new Tv shows . those two episodes sound promising .
i liked also :Traumaaccidentally on porpusecogour townthe beautiful life I really like where it was going .. tho the pilot was a typical .
/. iam thinking to add the good wife to the list but not sure If i have time :S >> alot of Tv shows

Default avatar cat
Oct 3, 2009 12:24AM EDT

Glee for sure! It is amazing. Also Community. I really hope that both these shows stick around for a few seasons.

Large 1407528840 alice
Oct 3, 2009 7:25AM EDT

Category I)Adoring, & would guess I am not alone:
***“NCIS: Los Angeles”(not only do I already like NCIS, but the big, muscular guys in this show are kind of fascinating to watch, unusual body types, and with great contrast to little mini : good action, good acting, fun special effects)
***“FlashForward”(hire great actors (Fiennes!), come up with fun concept, and let it rip!)
***“The Forgotten”Though I wondered whether this was going to be too cheesy with episode one, I am intrigued by this show and crossing my fingers for a Christian Slater comeback with success.
*** “Bored to Death” (HBO)Funny & a great set of mini-adventures thus far. I like the characters, the stories in the first 2 episodes are really quirky, unique and worth therefore tracing out. If you have not seen this show, do take a look!
Category II)Mixed Reviews on:
** “Vampire Diaries” (CW)(I hated episode one, as my review of it states, but I admit I really loved 2 and 3, and am mixed on 4. So: the jury is out, but I do find I am anxious for the next episodes so something is going right for me.)
**TraumaWow for the action scene in episode one, plus nice cut into future. I also admire the choice of the actors (yes, all still pretty, but unusual, varied in a more genuine way, and in different ways than that CSI cut or even Mercy’s nurses-cum-model). However, I am still out on what I feel about the way the characters are being explored. Trauma is a change from the other medical dramas out there, so it’s worth giving it time to develop.
**“Mercy” (NBC)Seem like an OK show, but my world is not rocked. Nice to See Trachtenberg in a slightly different role.
* « Eastwick”Is this just going to be a long, drawn out, less well acted version of the film, making us all miss Nicholson, or…. Jury is still out, waiting perhaps for a sign?
Category III)Sorry, but no way am I even going to bother with these:
--The Jay Leno Show and Community (NBC),--3 strikes for me at FOX: Glee, Brothers, and The Cleveland Show (FOX),--also no to CBS’s The Good Wife and Accidentally on Purpose.--I wish people would stop making remakes, ie Melrose Place (2009) which does go hand in hand with the cancelled The Beautiful Life which I didn’t bother watching.--ABC--Hank, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town and Shark Tank (JUST NOT FOR ME, nope)

Hidden profile
Oct 3, 2009 9:57AM EDT

I am loving Glee and Vampire Diaries..... I hope they're both around for a long time to come!

Oct 7, 2009 11:48AM EDT

Just two for me FlashForward, which i thought was brilliant and The Cleveland Show, anything from Seth Mcfarlane il watch

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