Warehouse 13: "Mild Mannered" Review Season 2, Episode 2

Warehouse 13 is a geeky show on a geeky network, so an episode with a comic book theme isn't surprising. The idea of a superhero with one of the historical artifacts from the warehouse had loads of potential, but it didn't really work well here. Purple tights just aren't as cool in live action as they are in comics. On the plus side though, "Mild-Mannered" did feature two notable guests stars: Sean Maher and Jewel Staite from Firefly!

The story starts off with Myka getting a care package, with the exuberance of a summer camp kid. If there is one difference between this second season and its predecessor, it's that Myka seems much less serious and more lighthearted. I'm not sure if that's necessarily an improvement since the personality clash between Pete and Myka was part of the fun, but it certainly isn't a bad thing either.

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