Bones: John Francis Daley Talks Brennan-Booth Saga

Sweets has always played an important part in the Booth-Brennan saga on Bones. He first took interest in them as their therapist and then later made them subjects of his book, which basically concludes that Booth and Brennan are in love with each other. He also intervened just was Booth was about to tell Brennan that he's in love with her, believing that Booth's attraction was just the result of the alternate world he experienced during his coma.

When asked if fans are giving Sweets' portrayer, John Francis Daley, a difficult time for being the one responsible for putting off Brennan and Booth's relationship, Daley says "Absolutely. Because everyone can clearly see the sparks between the two of them. And it is frustrating for my character to put a wrench in those gears. But I think the truth [of Booth's feelings] will eventually prevail. Who knows, maybe if they had told each other that they loved each other back then, it wouldn't have worked."

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