Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 30, 2009 (Nomination 8)

With the power of head of household - and possibly Jeff's fate - hanging in the balance, the nomination episode sets up yet another crucial week in the Big Brother house. But it's not all serious - the slippery HOH competition was good for tons of laughs, as was Natalie's fear of dragonflies. When the laughter ends, the question remains: Would Jeff be able to survive as the game's strongest player?

For now at least, it seems the answer is no. Kevin, who wins HOH decidedly, and Natalie waste no time in betraying Jeff. Though they seem focused on whether or not Michele or Jeff is a bigger target, Kevin ultimately decides that Jeff has to go up, because if he won the veto as a non-nominees, Jordan would be saved and Natalie would go up. So, Jeff and Michele are on the block.

It makes sense, and as Jeff said last week, it's now on him to win the veto. Still, Jeff isn't likely to forget the betrayal.

I apologize for the brief recap. I will try to post a more in-depth recap later, but for now, I wanted you guys to have a place to sound off. So, share your thoughts below and check back later for more!

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