The Amazing Race Season 15, Episode 8: We All Saw It Coming, But...

I feel bad for Gary and Matt's eventual elimination, but not so, because we all saw it coming. Sometimes it feels it's just circumstance that's getting in the way--although sometimes it's helped them reach the frontrunners and even reach first place in the Vietnam leg--but sometimes it feels that the little things would've kept them alive.

A few weeks back I complained about Matt's refusal to eat fish. Yeah, his refusal to do the task on the back of having to eat herring sounds a bit stupid, really, and if he did it, they would've been finished earlier in that leg and, who knows, maybe they'd be here still.

Last night, Matt (again!) did a couple of pretty crucial mistakes. During the Detour, he didn't really reveal all of the words in the scroll with invisible ink (oh, the memories that could've been). The result? Father and son running around, looking for the entrance to the tower, when the clue box was actually outside! I don't know if the Detour clue was clear enough on this, but I think Matt was being pretty rushed. "There goes the clue! I gotta run!" That sort of thought.

But you can imagine the horror in my face when, earlier in the task, Matt struggled to figure out what a candelabra is. Sure, it provided for some cruelly funny moments: him asking "are you a candelabra?" to an unsuspecting actor didn't look right but was ridiculous anyway. Worse was what came after: Matt saying "'candelabra' sounds like 'candle'". I'd like to think he was panicking, but Matt, it was your first hunch, and you should've followed it! Must be the problem with having to go for the sauna for the Speed Bump.

Oh, I can't imagine a childhood in the early '90s without having seen Beauty and the Beast. Oh, right, Matt, you were born before that.

We did see it coming, but I feel bad because they had a lot of chances to get things right. I did peg them for early elimination (historically at least) but from the moment they finished in first, and stayed right there initially, I thought they have a chance to make it until the final leg, at the very least. Alas, the mistakes came.

But at least they got to bond together: the biographies suggest these two are polar opposites, and the two realizing they have a lot in common throughout the race was pretty heartwarming. Gary learning to see Matt as an adult, and Matt learning to appreciate Gary? Bah, elimination isn't so bad after all.

What could be worse? Oh, sharing your taxi with your supposedly closest rivals, right.

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