The Hills: Lauren Conrad Sneaks Audiences Some 'Sweet Little Lies'

We haven't heard much about Lauren Conrad's novel-based movie LA Candy that much, but her fans will no doubt be pleased at what she has to offer next. The former star of MTV's The Hills has just unveiled her latest book, the sequel to her first tome, titled Sweet Little Lies.

Last week, the reality star turned author hosted a party in Sin City to promote her new novel. All smiles throughout the event, Lauren Conrad was spotted going about the guests and encouraging them to read her book. The celebration was held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, which certainly boosted the spirits of the party-goers.

Even though Sweet Little Lies won't be out in bookstores until February 2, the Hills celebrity decided to reveal a sneak peek of the novel. She granted the Seventeen website the privilege of publishing an excerpt of the book, which continues the story of her protagonist Jane as she navigates Hollywood.

You can read a paragraph of it below and see if it really is worth spending some time and money on. If you haven't browsed through LA Candy though, there's no need to worry. It's still in stores, and gaining success.

Lauren Conrad recently posted a Twitter update about her first novel, and she's still as excited about it as ever. "Yay! Paperback version of LA Candy is #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List! Just turned my day around," she wrote.

Anyway, here's the excerpt, as promised. There's a longer version over at Seventeen, if you wish to read through it.


Just before 9 a.m. on Monday morning, Jane pulled into her usual parking spot behind Fiona Chen's building. She turned off the engine and carefully searched the entire lot through the window. Good--no photographers. She'd had to fend off two of them outside the apartment earlier. They were so obnoxious, shouting questions at her about Braden and Jesse--"Jane, why did Braden move to New York?" "Jane, what do you think of Jesse's new girlfriend?"--and snapping picture after picture of her while she gritted her teeth and tried to ignore them. She hadn't heard anything about Braden going to New York or Jesse having a new girlfriend. But she knew better than to talk to paparazzi."

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