'The Amazing Race 15' Episode 8: "Are You A Candelabra?" And Other Sticky Bits - Recap

Last week's The Amazing Race marked the return of that infamous Roadblock back in season 6, with the hundreds of hay bales and the flags rolled on, say, three percent of the flags. While the first time around someone was stuck there for ten hours, this time around, there wasn't that much of a struggle--although that doesn't mean Gary and Matt would have a hard time this time around, especially since it's a non-elimination leg and they have a lot to do this time if they're to survive.

Here's the deal. Flight Time and Big Easy left the pit stop first, at 2:23am. The next team out, Meghan and Cheyne, left at 4:12am. Gary and Matt left at 6:29am. Four hours behind? Daunting, I know. But circumstances were on their side, really. The teams are headed to Tallinn, Estonia, and they'll go there via ferry across the Baltic Sea, a trip of 236 miles and 16 hours. But the only trip for the day is at 5:45pm, which means all five teams take the same boat ride. More than enough time to sleep, turns out.

Upon arriving at Tallinn, teams have to head to Mustpeade, the secret lair of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, which is apparently a secret (really) society of merchants that date back 600 years. Teams have to find a key and open the door going inside it so they can get their next clue. Opening the door is actually annoying, since a loud alarm rings. Meghan and Cheyne get in first, with Sam and Dan close behind.

It's a Roadblock: one racer must go to the cellar and find a candelabra with a room number tagged to it. In that room, they find an empty scroll, although it actually contains a message which you'll only see if you put the paper against the candlelight and let the ink burn a bit. Reminds me of invisible ink I wanted to do (but didn't) when I was a kid. The first one out that task is Meghan and Cheyne, even if they weren't the first to find a scroll: that dubious honor goes to Flight Time, who took a while to realize how to decode the message. He rubbed a crayon across the scroll to no avail. Not really a fail like last time in Dubai... oh, wait, he didn't realize the message appeared already until a while. That is a fail.

Also in Mustpeade is Gary and Matt's Speed Bump: they have to find a sauna bus and take a five-minute sauna. Not really that hard--in fact, they seem to be enjoying it, especially Matt, who found himself beside a blonde Estonian lady. So much for putting his game on by wearing a black headband. They almost made up for lost time, but when Matt got to the Roadblock, it took him a while to figure out what a candelabra is. Epic moment: him asking one of the guys there, "are you a candelabra?" He eventually figures it out.

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