'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: This War Has Claimed A Casualty

I think we have found this season's evil figure.

Consider this: the last season of The Biggest Loser had Tracey, whose "supernatural" sense gave her many opportunities to flip things around until karma came biting back. This season, it's Melissa--and it's not just because of her last two weigh-ins.

Remember that the two weeks ago, she gained a pound, something we let slip because of the week two curse. One week later, she lost a pound, and just a pound, which triggered a pretty heated argument between her and the trainers. Inevitably, all eyes are on her now, especially after the immunity challenge... because the red team won it.

All teams had to run a so-called Presidential Mile, which was more or less a little oval at the ranch, while picking up and scanning cards of some sort. The red team won that challenge pretty easily, and apart from immunity, they were given three envelopes to give to the other teams. What's inside isn't really nice. They ended up barring John access to the gym for an entire week, and barring Michael a chance to vote during elimination. What bit back the most was what they gave Miggy and Migdalia: a two-pound penalty at weigh-in.

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