'The Bachelorette' recap: He's the One Season 6, Episode 12

I'm going to call it now: Most dramatic final rose ceremony ever! I felt real feelings. I cried more than once. Strangest of all, I liked these people. All of them. I was overwhelmed with goodwill, in fact. If they didn't keep showing the little Bachelorette logo, with the silhouette of Ali looking ponderously into the distance, I would've worried I was watching the wrong show. Which would have really irritated me, since I spent three hours on it.

Wow, where to begin? With the way the show defied the bazillions of varying spoilers out there? (Well done, Bachelorette rumor-spreading team!) The way we couldn't really deny that it ended well, even if it wasn't the outcome we'd been rooting for? The way we're kinda hoping, and kinda not, that this cinches who'll be our next Bachelor?

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