New 'House' Title Sequence for New Team?

It looks like Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) is staying put on House. With Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) out of Princeton Plainsboro until she returns for a final-er goodbye, Thirteen appears to be the only lady on the team.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Wilde admits that while she feels a little "stability" on the team's composition now - especially if practical jokes are to be any indication, regardless of whether they succeed or not - there's still no telling if this team will stick around longer.

"I think you'll see a bit of stability now," she says. "But no one's ever safe on the House team though, and that's what kind of makes it interesting. We're always proving ourselves to him. And if we are ever completely comfortable in our jobs, then we lose that kind of anticipation and anxiety that keeps it interesting."

If we need more assurance of this new team, House executive producer Katie Jacobs says she's thinking about changing the series' opening title sequence to include Wilde and Jacobson.

"I think they should be part of it," she says. "In season 4, people said, 'Are you going to change the credits once you decide on who you are adding to the team?' and I felt like it was awkward to switch in the middle of the season. I could have done it season 5. I certainly didn't want to change anything at the start of season 6 because we opened so differently. But now I am thinking about it."

On the last episode of House, the team, House (Hugh Laurie) and Thirteen alongside Taub (Peter Jacobson), Chase (Jesse Spencer), and Foreman (Omar Epps), handled the case of someone who turned out to be an informant working with drug dealers. On the sidelines, Thirteen, Taub, and Chase tried to play a practical joke on Foreman involving pay checks.

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