Laurie to Direct Last Cameron Episode on 'House'?

It seems plausible. After all, House executive producer Katie Jacobs assured us previously that the House episode that its main guy Hugh Laurie is directing is not a "traditional" one. Everyone's been putting their money on a Huddy-centric episode, but now that Fox has confirmed that Jennifer Morrison is set to return to House for a final hurrah, people have been changing their bets.

And true enough, Zap2it reports that the episode Laurie will direct just might heavily feature the not-so-happy couple Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Morrison). Everything is pretty much under wraps, however, including the special episode's premise and major plot points.

We can take solace in the teeny hint that Jacobs revealed to Entertainment Weekly. The House big boss said that the episode, the 17th this season with a March airdate, will have a "different" format.

First thing that comes to mind, of course, is this season's kick off, which saw House inside an asylum. All of House's regulars except House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) were present on the two-hour premiere, no patient of the week and everything.

Someone has already been cast for the episode, since filming might commence soon (Morrison will be occupied soon with Broadway's The Miracle Worker). Oscar nominee David Strathairn, who was recently in The Bourne Ultimatum and critically acclaimed Good Night, and Good Luck, will check in to Princeton Plainsboro as a patient who has some pretty intense scene with the nutty doctor.

Jacobs revealed that Laurie himself picked the 60-year-old actor for the role. "Hugh really wanted him to play the role and David responded."

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