'Persons Unknown' Recap Episode 1: I always feel like (Somebody's watching me)

Stop me if you heard this one. A gaggle of strangers, each with a distinct personality and back-story, find themselves marooned together in a place they don't entirely understand and are trying desperately to leave. Now just imagine that it's set on a tropical island, and what do you have?

Gilligan's Island, of course. Why, what did you think I was referring to? High concept TV stretches far back before this recent crop of serial thrillers, to a time when mothers were cars, horses were horses, of course, of course, and Patrick McGoohan was not a number. It's that last show, The Prisoner, that this new summertime series from The Usual Suspects writer Christopher McQuarrie most resembles. The eponymous group of unknown persons are being held captive for reasons that are unclear, by people whose motives are unknown; they are surveilled constantly, and forcibly kept within the confines of their not necessarily uncomfortable environs. All it needs is a giant weather balloon to police the perimeter. (Or maybe a koala in a party mask that shoots sleeping gas out of its eyes.)

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