'The Bachelorette' recap: Making connections Season 6, Episode 3

My fearless predictions as of now (and having read no spoilers) for the final three: Chris L., Frank, and Roberto, with Kirk as a possible wild-card. It's possible I'm letting my own love for Chris L. color that pick, but Ali really did light up as they talked about oysters and something called flip cup that I have now learned too much about via Google search. (It's exactly like you think.) Justin will stick around longer than he would otherwise, thanks not as much to his limp up the hill to visit Ali, but because the Bachelor/Bachelorette usually gets protective of the very people others are trying to oust - unless those people are as douchey as Craig the Hair Guy last week. Kasey will sing the song that's in his heart. And Jonathan will get a bit part on The CW's critically acclaimed drama Life Unexpected as Kerr Smith's younger weatherman brother. But only if the part does not require kissing.

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