Rubicon Review: "The Truth Will Out" Episode 7

Due to a FBI lockdown, Will was able to break into Spangler's files this week and come to a disturbing realization: not only is there a conspiracy surrounding David's death, but the actual work he and his team do on a daily basis might be contributing to it.

On "The Truth Will Out," Rubicon never really left the API building - except for a couple of scenes with Katherine that felt like a waste - but it didn't need to in order to build tension.

Each polygraph scene gave us insight into various characters. To wit:

* There was an "investigation" into David prior to his death. This was all Will could focus on, as he didn't seem remotely affected by the lie detector itself.

* Tanya was forced to admit to her drug use, while later seeming more motivated than ever to actually work, inspiring the team to identity a key player in the George Boeck saga.

* Miles was more fidgety than ever, even after being granted a nicotine fix. Dallas Roberts has this character's mannerisms down to a science.

* Grant proved that Miles isn't the only team member with marital problems. Do we think he cheated on his wife? Or can a polygraph really read when someone would simply be willing to?

* Ingram was simply hilarious, cooler and calmer than ever, reinforcing what we learned last week: the man may be hard to read and a bit shady, but he's on the side of good.

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