LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT (CI) Season 9, Episode 1 & 2 Review

I had the opportunity to watch the first two episodes of season 9 of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT titled "Loyalty Part 1" (airing April 1) and "Loyalty - Part 2" (Airing April 8).

In "Loyalty", at the center of an international intrigue, Captain Ross faces a sudden and unspeakable tragedy that pushes his detectives Goren, Eames and Nichols to do all they can to find out the culprits. Honestly, I wish I could say more but I would be giving it away. All I can say is that Ross will no longer be part of the force and his team will be changed in a major way because of it. This storyline is one of the most significant we have ever seen in L&O CI history as it will change the show as we know it.

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Apr 11, 2010 8:38PM EDT

I loved these episodes! It was a great departure for Goren and Eames, and I think it was extremely well done. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes with a start like this!
If you miss it, definitely watch! They have full episodes on USA's site, and it was worth watching. Full Episodes

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