Two New Iron Man 2 Posters Online

A couple of weeks after we Brits feasted our peepers on the explosion-tastic international one-sheet for Iron Man 2, our cousins in Johnny Yankland have finally got their own one-sheet to leer lovingly at in cinema lobbies, as well as a bonus character shot of Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff.

The group one-sheet is fairly different from the international one-sheet, in that there's not even a hint of Mickey Rourke's bad guy, Whiplash, who could be found walking menacingly away from an explosion in the international version. Instead, we get the standard floating heads - Robert, Don and Gwyneth - with a full-body shot of Scarlett (emphasising her butt) while behind them tower Iron Man and War Machine. But their positions have been switched from the international version, rendering it a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POSTER!

Truth be told, we prefer the international version it was more colourful, more dynamic and the decision not to focus on Rourke is somewhat baffling.

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