Supernatural: Where is Lucifer?

For Supernatural season 5, we were promised the Apocalypse and a battle with Lucifer. But so far, for the most part, Lucifer has been MIA. Where's the Prince of Darkness when you need him?

I'm still enjoying this season of Supernatural, particularly for the creative ways the show finds to use comedy in a deadly serious drama. But what about Lucifer? In the first six episodes, he's only appeared three times, and each of those times he was barely in it.

In the season premiere, Lucifer slowly wormed his way into Nick, but aside from establishing the character, we learned very little about Lucifer's real agenda. He showed up again in "Free to Be You and Me," but only in Sam's dream, letting us know that Sam is his true vessel. Finally, Lucifer appeared in the alternate future in "The End" to kill Dean.

Thus far I've been fascinated by every scene featuring the Lucifer, which is the primary cause for my complaint that we're not getting enough of him. Past seasons of Supernatural always dealt sporadically with the main threat of the season. Despite being the main villain of the first two seasons, Azazel only took human form in six episodes. And following him, Lilith only showed up in five episodes.

However, I want Lucifer to be different. In my mind, he's more like one of Buffy's Big Bads, a villain who shows up throughout the entire season, leading to a massive showdown in the finale.

Instead, we're spending more time with Lucifer's acolytes. The Demon Formerly Known as Meg dominated the premiere, one of the Four Horseman showed up in episode 2, and last night we got the Anti-Christ. While each of these characters served a purpose and were interesting, no one watches Batman for the henchmen, they want to see the Joker.

I'm hoping that Supernatural kicks the Lucifer story into high gear soon. Yes, the brothers needed to bond over an old case and get back to fighting form, but the Apocalypse is coming, and the most evil creature that ever existed is walking around the Earth. There's no time for rubber chickens and fart jokes.

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Default avatar cat
Oct 19, 2009 5:44PM EDT

There's always room for rubber chickens and fart jokes in my opinion... hehe... "That wasn't me." ~Castiel

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2009 6:58PM EDT

Remember, this is going to be another 20 something episode season, there is still PLENTY of time to kick up Lucifer's story. I think it might go for one more episode not directly Lucifer related and then maybe a big one. Supernatural has always interspersed the main story with periods of classic hunts. As they say, there comes a point where theres not much the Brother's Winchester can do besides wait for a chance to accomplish a goal. They have established the current goals: find God, find the cult, THEN (once they have some awesome fool-proof plan) kill Lucifer. Currently, there is not much they can do with finding either God or the cult until they get a tip of some sort.

Default avatar cat
Oct 20, 2009 10:20PM EDT

the poster above me is right if they went after him right now they would die and lose that is why they are hidden, I mean cas is the strongest of them and he would be owned and its not like buffy where there is a uber strong which or a chick with awesome strength and fighting styles that can beat back the big bad in this case and in most of them threw out supernatural the big bad if they went up against the brothers would win I mean it took 2 season to find colt the first wep that could kill the damn thing they wanted to kill. What I mean to sayI guess is unlike shows like buffy the Winchester brothers are always severely out gunned and out matched

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