'V' Episode 10 - 'Hearts and Minds' Recap

Well, if you just listened to us, Tyler, then you'd know you're an idiot. We've known that all along. But things will play out in your favor, because Lisa will come running to you after she gets her legs broken, and you'll join forces with Erica and her Scooby gang to bring down the Vs once and for all. Think I've called that right? We'll see.

It's clear that Lisa really does have human emotions now; did you see how terrified she was when Anna slugged her and ordered one of her minions to break the girl's legs? "Don't worry, daughter. We'll get him back. There is no greater incentive for a human male than a damsel in distress."

Thanks, Mommy, but I could have just gone and talked to him. You didn't have to break my freakin' legs.

Things also played out with the Fifth Column crew just as some of you predicted. Now that Jack, Ryan and Hobbes (I have to call him Hobbes; he's just not a Kyle to me) fired that stinger missile at the V's aircraft, things are all aflutter now. Although I think it would have been better if the humans hadn't been dead before they fired the missile. I don't know if the writers thought that would be too harsh or what, but it sort of softened the whole impending war. We can take it, writers. Give the Fifth Column something to truly grieve over. It'll make them even more determined.

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