A Funke-Ho on 'Wipeout' (VIDEO)

Welcome to the land of funny names! On the latest episode of 'Wipeout' (Thu., 8PM ET on ABC), we get to meet Ms. Jessica Funke-Ho. "Funke-Ho," get it? It just sounds very silly.

The 'Wipeout' hosts have a million jokes to make about the poor girl's name. Meanwhile, we get to watch her being knocked off the obstacle course and being bashed into a pool of water, as is pretty standard for players on the game show. But let's return to the whole "Funke-Ho" issue for a second. ... Or would you like to make up your own jokes?

"That is one funky ho," says host Jill Wagner. Meanwhile, Ms. Funke-Ho is busy jumping around on giant balls in the obstacle course. Seriously, if you're having trouble coming up with jokes at this point, then we don't know what to say to you.

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