'NCIS' Season 7, Episode 21 - 'Obsession' Recap

This was a particularly melancholy episode of 'NCIS,' moody and emotional. It was reminiscent of a Hitchcock film at times, even with the allusions to espionage, the Cold War and things being hidden plain sight.

But there were also definitive story points dropped in that will play out in the weeks to come as the season finale arrives. For more on those points, as well as Tim's reference to Abby's tats, follow after the jump.

Story threads involving the disappearance of Dana Hutton, a ZNN reporter, soon after her brother -- a Navy lieutenant -- died mysteriously, were all connected in a weird way to NCIS. Tony's fascination with Dana was beyond obvious. He was a big fan, and the way Tony was touching the furniture on the set of her TV show was almost like Monk analyzing a crime scene. For a while, it seemed like a put on, but it wasn't. Tony really had a thing for Dana.

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