'The Biggest Loser' Season 8, Episode 10: I'm Giving You A Makeover - Review

The past couple of weeks on The Biggest Loser has been a little bit about the game, of people getting bitten because of overplaying it, and people who do the same thing despite the warnings. But that gets banished tonight, sort of: it's makeover week! Perfect time to look at the six remaining contestants in a different way, from people who are constantly sweaty after their workouts, to those who exude confidence... but still have to be sweaty after their workouts.

This season's makeovers are courtesy of Tim Gunn, who we all know from Project Runway, and Tabatha Coffey, who we all know from, well, Tabatha's Salon Takeover. The makeovers are necessary: they have to do some motivational speeches at an event, so why go out there and talk about stuff looking your worst, right? It's actually funny seeing that Rudy was really, really, reeeally excited for makeover week. (I expected the reaction from Rebecca, but hey, I'll take what I can get.) The appearance was a quick one, however, because the next thing we know, the makeovers are done. Must be the advantages of a 90-minute episode.

The first to be revealed is Rebecca, and yes, her hair looks really nice. It's a surprise, me realizing how they could look, after seeing them in tracksuits the past few weeks. Tim Gunn had another surprise for her: her sister was dropping by, and everybody else get their tearful reunions and oh-wow-you-look-great! moments. Danny ditched the gray hair and looks a lot younger. Allen looked very at ease after his makeover. Amanda eerily reminded me of Alison Sweeney. (No really.) Liz also looked much younger with her new hair. But the most surprising is Rudy, who ditched the beard and looked a whole lot better.

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