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Greek Fans: Who Should Casey Be With?

The season (or "chapter" or whatever) finale of Greek isn't until Monday night, but I'm already thinking about it. We've been watching Casey's sort of push-pull relationship with Max (while she clearly still has some feelings for Cappie) and in Monday's episode we'll see Casey truly confront the question of who she should be with: Max or Cappie?

What do you think? Geeky, sweet Max, or funny, straight-shootin' Cappie? Or do you think she and Evan would still make sense together? Or should she just be single?

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| 17:42 EDT, 04 Sep, 2009
CAPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its going to take forever for them to get together.....
| 05:08 EDT, 23 Jun, 2009
Cappie may not be hotter than Evan but he is funnier and I don't think Evan would ever consider taking her back any way. So Cappie wins my vote.
| 14:31 EDT, 16 Jun, 2009
I like Casey most when she's around Cappie. She seems relaxed and naturally happy. Although Cappie may have been childish before, I think he's grown up a lot since their freshman year. Next season should be good.
| 04:53 EDT, 14 Jun, 2009
it's obviously Cappie! they clearly still have feelings for each other. i like Max and ill feel bad for him when she eventually chooses cappie but Cappie and Casey are meant to be together. its like seth and summer in the OC.
| 17:35 EDT, 12 Jun, 2009
I think Evan was the best for her, he has only gotten such a douche, because it didn't work out with casey
| 15:18 EDT, 12 Jun, 2009
cappie, definately cappie! Her and max r 2 different!
| 15:12 EDT, 12 Jun, 2009
Cappie ofcourse! Its always been cappie!

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