Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 19 - We're Off to See the Wizard

Cole prepares for his coronation ceremony. This will officially make him the Source and give him all the full powers that come with the position. But before he can be crowned, a Wizard has plans for the Grimoire. This evil version of the Book of Shadows contains powerful spells that could result in his demise. The Wizard uses the Charmed Ones to steal the book, by telling them he simply wants to stop the Source from coming to full power. In fact, he wants to use the book to become the Source himself.

Piper and Paige want to confront Phoebe about their concerns regarding Cole's possible demonic ties. However, before they have a chance to tell her about Cole, Phoebe announces that she's pregnant. Concerned about Phoebe's stress level, Piper wants to wait to tell Phoebe about Cole, however Paige can't keep quiet. Phoebe expresses her anger at Paige, but later she has a premonition, which reveals Cole's true demonic self. She leaves him and goes to her sisters for help. Together they try to confront Cole. They encounter Julie instead, and Phoebe uses a new power, shooting fire from her hands, to destroy her. They are shocked and Leo explains that only high-level demons possess this power. Before they can register what's going on, Phoebe uncontrollably shimmers out, pulled to the Seers chambers. Shocked and confused, the Seer convinces Phoebe that only she can protect her baby and save Cole by standing by his side.

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