Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 21 - Womb Raider

As the baby inside Phoebe grows stronger, symptoms arise that are not normal for an expecting mother. He uses her body against her will to perform dark magic when he feels threatened. In some cases, this results in dangerous actions against those around Phoebe, including Paige, a doctor, and even a police detective. Paige and Piper have understandable concerns about who or what this baby represents. Phoebe wants to believe there is good in him, but as the baby grows stronger, she feels only evil.

With the Source destroyed, the Underworld is in need of new leadership. Dane has risen, but the Seer stops his coronation. She explains that the Source's son is the true heir to the throne. The demons question how he can rule considering he hasn't even been born yet. She convinces them to give her some time to show them how it will work. She enlists the help of a new demon, the Tall Man, and sends him to capture Phoebe. He comes back with Paige instead. The Seer knows Phoebe won't let her sister die, so she holds Paige in a magic proof cage.

Phoebe has no choice but to go alone to the Seer to try to save Paige. Piper and Leo try to stop her, but she won't let them. The baby takes over completely, kills the Tall Man, and flames to the Seer. Once there, the Seer performs dark magic to transfer the fetus from Phoebe's womb into hers.

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