Entourage: Season 6 Wrap-up

This season of Entourage was pretty bland if you ask me, especially for main man Vince (Adrian Grenier), who after the Gatsby premier early on didn't have much to do (except of course periodically banging random chicks left and right). It was all downhill plot-wise for Entourage's go-to-guy, and down the road, he was reduced to accompanying friends to STD clinics, going to charity golf tourneys, and worrying needlessly about his security. Damn that monsoon that pushed the production of his upcoming film 12 weeks.

For the finale, though, he flew to Italy to film his next movie, so Entourage season 7, at the very least, guarantees to have more Vince on it. Now if that's a good thing or not, I'm not to keen on saying.

Elsewhere on Entourage season 6, it's probably E (Kevin Connolly) whose storyline moved the most and whose character development gained much ground. Essentially, the season toyed with the idea of Eric and Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Throughout the season, the two had mishaps and misunderstanding, notably in the form of a young, doe-eyed neighbor, with whom for a while E thought he can replace Sloan. After everything, however, it's still E and Sloan who end up together. And yes, E is with a new agency.

Speaking of agencies, there was also movement that happened with the much beloved tandem of Ari (Jeremy Piven) and Lloyd (Rex Lee). Lloyd was hell-bent on getting a promotion, but Ari being Ari had decided to put him through unimaginable obstacles, including weight control and being even bossier before he gets it. Finally reaching his boiling point, Lloyd accepts an offer from a rival agency. But because of a buyout, Ari was able to fire Adam Davies and at the end of the day have Lloyd back - as an agent.

There was also much conflict on the issues-laden Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Jamie-Lynn Sigler relationship, primarily stemming from Turtle's inadequacy in dating someone like her. There was also the matter of the sorority girls who went into the trouble of stealing his undies.

No premiere date has been set for Entourage season 7, but HBO has renewed the series as early as season 6 kicked off, so it's definitely coming.

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