House Rundown: Episode 18, "Here Kitty"

This week's episode of House finds the team chasing around a "death cat," a little gray kitty named Debbie who's come to some amount of fame (at least local TV fame) by predicting deaths of nursing home patients. Meanwhile, Taub thinks he's found a way out of some financial and personal misery, but that ends up being a trickier proposition than it looks. To chat about it, just read more.

I suppose if this episode had a theme, it would be "believing in stuff" - and, as usual, House seems to come out ahead. His adherence to facts and science gets him not just an explanation for the death cat but also keeps him from falling prey to a con artist who wants to take all his money and run (ahem, Taub). There were some funny moments, and it's always nice to see Judy Greer get a job, but episodes like this where House's beliefs aren't really challenged always turn out to be a little on the dull side for me.

I would have liked it better if the writers had really gone full-force into showing everyone's superstitions. Instead, we just got poor Kutner edging his way around the ladder as he leaves the room and tossing salt over his shoulder. I'm not surprised he ends up becoming the victim of a particularly mean-spirited House prank ("do you like cranberry juice?"), though he seems to have gotten some revenge at the end with the cat pee - or, perhaps, "cat pee" - on House's chair. The show draws a little parallel between the patient being superstitious because her son died and Kutner being superstitious because his parents died, but it didn't have a ton of oomph for me.

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Mar 17, 2009 8:17PM EDT

ok, about the pee thing .... i originally thought he (Kutner) may have done the deed himself, but then it occurred to me, they work in a hospital, there was bound to be urine samples about, its not like he had to have done it himself.

Default avatar cat

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Mar 20, 2009 10:20PM EDT

Uh, I'm pretty sure he did himself. Especially because of the way he said it.

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