Ghost Whisperer: Preview of Episode 5.3 "Till Death Do Us Start"

Tonight, Ghost Whisperer will try to uncover Eli's family's dark past in "Till Death Do Us Start," billed by lead star Jennifer Love Hewitt as one of the most controversial episodes yet.

But before we move on to the preview, here's what happened so far on the CBS paranormal drama: After learning that Aiden is an empath and that has the ability to see spirits, Melinda discovers that her son also has some sort of radar that can detect people in trouble who are trying to contact her ---that and the fact that the newly discovered gift works even if he's sound asleep. There's also a new mystery surrounding the strangely dressed people that wasn't resolved and I'm guessing will be seeing more of them in the episodes to come.

In the third episode of Ghost Whisperer's fifth season, Eli's father suffers a massive heart attack and dies, resulting to a messy family reunion with Eli's mother, who has been dead for almost 10 years.

Melinda soon catches on that Eli's mom, Evelyn, played by Christine Estabrook, doesn't want to see Eli's dad, Ray James, portrayed by Barry Newman, leading her to think that Ray had something to do with Evelyn's death. Eli obviously doesn't like where Melinda is going but Melinda is determined to find out why Evelyn doesn't want to see Ray and why she can't crossover after all these years. It turns out Evelyn is still carrying a dark secret she took to her grave.

Expect more flashbacks as Melinda attempt to get to the bottom of another mystery in the Ghost Whisperer episode "Till Death Do Us Part," airing tonight at 8pm on CBS.

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