The Office Episode Recap: "The Delivery" Season 6, Episode 17

In one of the most momentous episodes The Office has given us, Pam and Jim's baby finally arrives, though they do try to put off the moment as long as possible. Meanwhile, Michael tries to make a new Jam coupling in the office after thinking he's the mastermind behind the first. Let's get started, shall we?

The episode kicks off with Jim and Pam exploiting their baby by using the news of their impending child to get sympathy sales. Dwight decides that he now needs a baby so he can out sell them. "Also, I've been noticing a gaping hole in my life," he says. Aw.

During lunch with Kevin, Pam's contractions kick in. She says it's nothing to worry about, since she's not quite in labor yet. Plus, they're trying to wait out their HMO plan by checking in to the hospital after midnight. Michael pushes that he should get to drive them to the hospital, but they insist on waiting.

Dwight tells Angela that he wants her to bare his child for business reasons. "Let's meet at 4pm in our old meeting spot and bang it out," he says after she doesn't disagree. They later meet to work out a birthing contract, but Dwight's demands are quite outrageous.

In dealing with her contractions, Pam deduces that distractions are helping. Michael calls a meeting in the conference room to help. Problem is nobody can come up with any good ideas. Andy tries dancing, much to Erin's excitement. Ryan reads poetry, while Erin names prized race horses. Nice work guys.

Pam eventually kicks Jim out because he wants her to go to the hospital. He gets very "frazzled," and acts like a crazy father-to-be. While trying to comfort him, she accidentally spills that they're having a girl. Despite earlier making jokes that he wouldn't help with the baby unless it was a boy, he's game. His happiness if short lived when she admits her water has already broken.

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