'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 6.4 "Tainted Obligations" Recap

Last night's Grey's Anatomy begins in Iz (Katherine Heigl) and Alex's (Justin Chambers) trailer. Alex wakes up - in boxers - does his morning chores, and he reminds us he's very, very ripped. There is no water so he gargles with wine, or whatever's in the bottle. Then he comes out.

And there's a bear.

And Alex screams like a girl. In the hospital, Iz is a skeptic, says it can very well be a dear. Yes, a dear that stands on two hind legs. In trying to run away from it, Alex says he thew a steak Iz had been marinating for days. They quarrel and bicker while a patient watches on. "I can't move backwards," Iz tells him, when he suggests that they move back to Mer (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) house. We kind of figured she's not just talking about their accommodations.

In a meeting, the chief (James Pickens, Jr.) informs us that the Mercy West people will be arriving in a few days, so Mark (Eric Dane) rethinks grabbing the danish. "There will be more layoffs, so step up," he says. Yikes. Everyone starts talking, and the chief is aghast in disbelief, but he can do nothing.

Meanwhile, Yang (Sandra Oh) is frustrated because there are no surgeries. "You're freaking out a little bit," mer reminds her, smiling. And she goes on checking everyone, every bed, and every patient for something she can do. Textbook Cristina at work.

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