Scrubs Episode Recap: "My Saving Grace" & "My Happy Place"

In the first episode, "My Saving Grace," there was a good, if rather facile, continuing thread of Carla trying to take new intern Kate (Betsy Buetler) in hand and convince her that relating with both patients and her colleagues is in her own best interest...while around them, an object lesson is made of the new and suddenly former Chief of Medicine, Dr. Maddox. Carla has no visible affect on Kate at first, but gains the upper hand with a trick involving a folded note that supposedly includes Carla's assessment of the newbie...which Kate snatches from Carla's hand, disproving the intern's claim as to not care about what others think about her. Meanwhile, Maddox discovers that essentially no one in the hospital thinks that her money-grubbing is resulting in better medical care at Sacred Heat, which doesn't faze her in the least. Crowing triumphantly, she thanks them for letting her know en masse, so she doesn't have to tell them individually. She puts the last straw on Cox's back by discharging a head-trauma patient of his (and mocking Cox's name); she annoys Elliot and J.D. as they attempt to help a patient with a daughter with multiple sclerosis pull a minor fraud to obtain medication for the young woman. The trio attempts to find a way to get her fired, turning to the still-fired Janitor, Jordan (who's retired from the board of directors) and finally Kelso for help. Kelso agrees to do so, but only if Perry admits that he misses Kelso as Chief. With great difficulty, Cox notes that while he still hates Kelso, he also realizes that his job required him to be hateful sometimes, and that that clearly weighed on the old man. Cox also admits that Kelso's attempts to cut some slack for special cases among the patients made him a much better Chief than Maddox is.

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