One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Don't You Forget About Me" Season 7, Episode 15

This week's One Tree Hill takes a trip into the 80s and opens up with that familiar "hey, hey, hey, hey" song - actually called "Don't You (Forget About Me)" - we all know and love from The Breakfast Club. As a tribute to the late John Hughes, Tree Hill High set the stage for shoulder pads, crimped hair and neon makeup as the gang holds a fundraiser with Haley and Quinn serving as hosts.

Julian and Brooke are chatty again now that they're working together, but Brooke's subtle invitation to the dance needs some explaining from Alex to make Julian realize that Brooke actually wants him there. But since Julian told Brooke he wasn't going to the dance, Brooke decides to take up Alexander's offer to go as friends, which makes matters worse when Julian actually shows up with Alex (who says she's so pro-"Brulian" now).

Meanwhile, it's Haley's birthday and not one person remembers except her husband, who is stranded on the road with Clay. What was supposed to be a little guys' road trip becomes a wrong turn and followed by flat tires causing the boys to be stuck miles away from home without a phone. (Clay accidentally left it in the towed car.) After hopping into the back of a pig pen on wheels, the boys finally decide to hoof it on foot until they can make their way back towards the highway. Arguing along the way, Nathan continues to put Clay down and insists he doesn't understand how important it is that he makes it back for Haley's birthday. With one last foot in the mouth, Nate mocks Clay's confession that he used to be married, so Clay finally reveals that he was indeed married, but his wife died. Nathan apologizes, and the two find the main road and a woman driving a Porsche to take them back to Tree Hill. The only problem is that she has room for only one. So what does a wealthy basketball star do in such a situation? He drops off the woman (to some unknown location) and buys the car off of her in order to ride back home with Clay as his co-pilot.

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