House Episode Recap: "Moving Chains" Season 6, Episode 12

An ailing college football player arrives at Princeton-Plainsboro. The team rushes to treat him before his NFL tryouts, but his variety of symptoms leaves the team torn on a diagnosis. Meanwhile, Foreman's brother (Orlando Jones) pays and unexpected visit to the hospital.

The Patient

A 22-year-old male college football star, Daryl, is admitted after bashing his own head in with a helmet with no recollection of ever doing so. The team automatically assumes it's 'roid rage, but they a variety of symptoms begin to present themselves. Daryl and his mother, however, are hot-to-trot to leave the hospital so he'll be able to participate in the NFL tryouts.

A New Member Joins the Team

House holds Foreman back as the team heads off to run tests. He tells Foreman his brother Marcus left a message at the hospital saying he needed to be picked up from jail. Foreman coldly says he's busy, but Foreman later finds Marcus sitting in House's office, only to learn House just hired him as his new personal assistant.

Foreman tells Marcus not to take the job, but his brother, who wants to prove he's a changed man, keeps it. House entertains Marcus' suggestions during brainstorming, buys him a desk and name plate, and even has him spy on Foreman. At his wits end, Foreman goes to Cuddy and tries to explain to her that Marcus has been given too many chances and doesn't deserve any more, but she can't do anything.

Wilson's theory of why House is meddling in Foreman's life is that deep down House is a nice guy and doesn't want to see Foreman throw away his relationship with his brother. But of course, House denies the good deed at all costs.

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