Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 14 - Targets

So far, Rabbit's taking his "probie" position very well, setting out fresh fruit and making sure the milk isn't sour--in fact, Glenn thinks Rabbit's doing an outstanding job. Marisa doesn't understand why Rabbit is taking his probation so seriously, but Rabbit says it's because this is his last chance. His job is on the line if he messes up again.

Tyler and Boone prep their rig and Tyler wants Boone to drive once in awhile since they are now both paramedics. But Boone won't do it. Tyler still feels like a sidekick and he's sick of it. He wants to be "Batman." But Boone's not really budging from his alpha male role as lead paramedic. Meanwhile a traffic cop is run over and the driver of the car quickly absconds from the scene. Nancy and Glenn attend to Earl, the injured man, when suddenly the driver of the car starts shooting police officers from a nearby tower.

Marisa and Rabbit are en route to the sniper scene and find out that the sniper seems to be targeting firemen, policemen and EMS, but he is nowhere to be seen. Nancy and Glenn attend to a shot officer, who has a piece of metal lodged in his chest. Tyler and Boone are having trouble communicating with Rabbit while they hand off a patient to him in the helicopter, but Boone soon takes the lead to avoid confusion.

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