The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 5

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, the talk comes to marriage as Jake and the five girls remaining try to find love in San Francisco. After only a few weeks, and last week's bachelorette bloodbath (sending four girls home in one episode), Jake must now make the tough decisions as the hometown dates episode nears.

Jake's first one-on-one date in San Francisco is with Tenley. Although they haven't had a lot of alone time and dates together yet, these two have had a strong connection from the start and their date only cements that. Jake also begins asking the important questions concerning marriage and the future and Tenley, already having gone through one marriage, is ready with thoughtful and substantial answers.

The next date is a two-on-one date with Gia and Vienna. Luckily for both gals, Jake is not forced to send anyone home at the end of the night (ABC knows he already sent enough girls home last week to last a month!) and its clear Jake is happy to see the group dates soon become a thing of the past.

When it comes to the serious marriage questions, Tenley and Vienna are perfect examples of the two very different ways Jake can sway. Tenley is able to talk openly and honestly about the problems in her first marriage and what she expects of it the second time around (the high expectations people have, the struggles etc.). Vienna, on the other hand, talks about how she wants to make sure marriage is fun every day and wants to do a lot of traveling. Aka, the giggly, carefree Vienna who Jake fell for during the bungee jump date seems to be overstaying her welcome. Deep, "I really want to be in a serious relationship" Vienna needs to make an appearance very, very soon. It's also not a good sign that Jake simply chuckles when Vienna says she's really falling for him. Gia, although very reserved in the two-on-one date setting, still gets some quality (and heated) alone time with Jake and she seems fairly safe after their great one-on-one date at the vineyard.

The best (or worst if you're Jake) part of the evening is when Vienna dares to visit Jake in his private room at the castle after hours. This is like when you can't turn away from a car accident (and not just because the accident involves a shirtless Jake in bed). After their slightly strained connection on the two-on-one date with Gia, its no surprise Jake has a quick sip of Vienna's wine before sending her on her disgruntled way back to her own bed.

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