Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 15 - Scope of Practice

A cheerleader at a high school basketball game takes a nasty spill and Nancy and Glenn are called to the scene. The girl's neck is severely fractured; Nancy calls Dr. Joe for assistance and asks his permission to do a rapid sequence intubation. Dr. Joe replies that she's the medic on scene and use her best judgment. Nancy does the intubation and safely brings the girl, Jasmine, to the hospital. Diana doesn't like when she hears Nancy's over-stepped her bounds again, but she might have just saved the young girl's life.

Tyler's toying around with his guitar when Boone crashes his party of one. His place is being fumigated for termites and he needs a place to stay. Boone meets Tyler's friend, Asher. Boone crashes on the couch while Asher and Tyler abscond to the bedroom and pretend to have sex to make Boone uncomfortable -- which works. Meanwhile at the hospital, Dr. Joe tells Jasmine's mother about her daughter's status; Jasmine's injury is serious and the worst that can happen is complete paralysis. As of now, she is doing well and they should hope for the best.

Rabbit and Marisa come to the aid of an older man, Vaughn, who underwent surgery for nasal polyps, but did not continue to take his antibiotics because his son ran out of money for the prescriptions. Rabbit believes the man has an infectious disease. Vaughn throws up blood and some gets in Marisa's eye -- she immediately takes the precautionary steps to disinfect herself. Rabbit says the nursing home's administration may get a call from the hospital to be put under quarantine because of Vaughn's infectious disease.

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