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Are You a Serial Killer (a la Dexter)? Take the Test!

Showtime has created this nifty website to promote the DVD release of Season 2 of Dexter:

Dexter's Psycho Therapy

As you can see from the included image, I scored a 100% for my killer instinct, so don't cross me! I fully support Dexter-style vigilante justice.


| 00:13 EDT, 13 Oct, 2008
i thought they were angels tooo! i got a 50
| 20:00 EDT, 03 Sep, 2008
wow!i got 85% never thought i have it in me...thats why probably why i like Dexter so much missed the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
| 04:20 EDT, 31 Aug, 2008
ummm, i got a 100% and a Dexter would be proud!! Wow! I never knew.....
| 02:46 EDT, 31 Aug, 2008
I have a 60%......looks like I have a dark side after all!
| 20:00 EDT, 22 Aug, 2008
I'm very good at hiding my killer instincts.
| 07:48 EDT, 22 Aug, 2008
0%, completely normal... Um, and I thought I would get the 100%... Sounds too normal though, they say I'm hiding something! =)
| 17:41 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
errr i got 100% lol it says im 100% a serial killer, dexter would b proud. hmmm
| 02:19 EDT, 21 Aug, 2008
I got 45%. I'm just a little crazy. lol
| 19:54 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
Wow I thought everyone automatically got 100%. Apparently I'm deranged...
| 19:38 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
42!!! I thought the first couple looked like angels.
| 18:42 EDT, 20 Aug, 2008
i got a 54... is it just mee or do they all look like bugs?!

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