LIE TO ME "The Whole Truth" Review Season 2, Episode 13

Normally I'm not a huge fan of legal dramas, but I have to admit that I did enjoy this episode of LIE TO ME, titled 'The Whole Truth' - even if most of it took place in a courtroom.

The Lightman Group is called in on a case where a woman has been accused of murdering her much older husband in order to inherit his fortune. The Prosecutor hires The Lightman Group to help them win the case, but then Cal starts to wonder if he's on the wrong team. He discovers that the defendant is telling the truth and he and his team quickly jump sides, doing everything they can to help her. In the end it turns out not to be a murder at all, it was an assisted suicide.

Tim Roth is the reason I began watching Lie To Me in the first place. A fan of his for years, I recently counted it out and realized that I have seen no less than 24 of his films. I can't help myself, he is downright mesmerizing when he's on screen.

On the show, Cal runs into people all the time who don't believe in his work so he's used to arguing. In fact, he seems to get a big kick out of it. But watching him up against his ex Zoe was even better. He seemed to be having WAY too much fun being up on the stand in front of her, waiting for the fighting to begin. As I watched them I couldn't help but to have the totally inappropriate thought of how they must have had lots of angry sex when they were married.

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