House Season 6, Episode 8 - Recap: "Ignorance Is Bliss"

House and the team take on a patient who was once a brilliant physicist who opted to leave behind his life as a genius to become a courier. Meanwhile, House concocts a plan to break up Cuddy and Lucas, and Chase has little tolerance for his colleagues' attempts of helping out after Cameron's departure.

The Patient

This week begins with a messenger dropping off packages at a bookstore. But Jimmy isn't just any courier; he was once a published physicist with an IQ that would rival that of Einstein. When the bookstore owner realizes who he is, he asks Jimmy to autograph the book he wrote, but Jimmy begins to lose feeling in his hand.

Jimmy's admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro, and the team thinks it's TTP (Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura), but Taub also wonders if there's some mental illness there considering a man of his intelligence would take a job as a courier. When it's determined it is TTP, Chase removes Jimmy's spleen. But things are never that simple with House's patients: Following the surgery, Jimmy begins speaking nonsense.

House Is on a Mission

House searches the hospital for Wilson to tell him he wants to break up Cuddy and Lucas. Why? Because it will give him purpose. House tries to fish for an invite to Thanksgiving dinner at Cuddy's sister's house by doing good deeds. Though she knows House has an agenda, Cuddy extends an invitation. House puts on his Turkey Day tie and drives three hours to join the festivities, only to find out it was the wrong address. At least the house sitter was told to offer him a turkey sandwich.

That night, House breaks into Lucas' apartment and appears to be extremely drunk. House tells Lucas he's not right for Cuddy and then has a pity party for himself when he says, "I am pathetic. I don't deserve her." House falls to the ground in a drunken stupor and says to Lucas, "I love her."

Cuddy comes to see House the next morning to tell him whatever he said to Lucas forced him to break up with her. "There is no us," Cuddy tells House. "There never will be."

Instead of being crushed by Cuddy's definitive words, House storms into the bathroom to tell Wilson he succeeded at breaking them up. He can't believe Lucas fell for the ole "drunken profession of love" bit.

But the joke is on House. When Cuddy turns down tickets to a holiday event that House offers her and her daughter, he realizes she and Lucas never really broke up. "She felt guilty that I felt guilty," House tells Wilson. "She just wanted me to think that so I back off." It worked because House says he done trying to break them up.

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