Smallville Episode Recap: "Conspiracy" Season 9, Episode 14

In this week's episode of Smallville, a reanimated doctor kidnaps some of his captors to prove aliens really exist. He also takes gal reporter Lois Lane hostage when she refuses to publish a story proving his theory.

The episode opens on the front page of a newspaper that reads "Tower of Tomorrow Terminated." Clark meets with Faora, who is upset that the tower was destroyed, unbeknownst that Clark was actually the perpetrator. Faora has been reunited with her sister, Vala, who has quite the crush on Kal-El, er, Clark.

While closing up the bookstore, Vala is gassed and taken hostage by a mysterious man in a mask. She wakes to find herself in a lab where she's surrounded by two other hostages locked in some medical contraptions.

At the Daily Planet, Lois receives a message from Checkmate via cell phone, but hides her communication when Clark arrives. She conveys to Clark that since they started dating they haven't really seen each other, but before they even get a minute alone, Faora arrives to tell Clark that her sister has been kidnapped.

Oliver comes out of the shower to find Tess in his apartment, accusing him of having a hand in destroying the tower. She also reveals that someone has been embezzling funds from the company. When Oliver reads the paperwork, his face falls. He later arrives at Chloe's apartment, but just before they can kiss, Oliver asks her if she's stealing from him. "It's not like that," she says. "I'm buying insurance for the entire planet."

Meanwhile, Clark arrives at Vala's bookstore to investigate her abduction. However, Zod is already on hand to clean up the mess. Zod says she isn't the only missing Kandorian. "Someone is hunting us and we can't defend ourselves because you will not give us our powers," he yells at Clark before saying Clark sealed their fate by burning down the towers. "The fact that the tower is down leaves you weaker than ever," Clark retorts.

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