BURN NOTICE Finale ''Guilty as Charged'' Review Season 4, Episode 12

The BURN NOTICE summer finale Guilty as Charged is the one where Michael Westin doesn’t win and keep winning.

Following up on last week, Jesse, now knowing Michael burned him, wants to shoot him. Meanwhile, Michael plans to kidnap industrialist and terror-crime mastermind John Barrett, dangling Simon’s bible with code as an offer. Then, a criminal defense lawyer for scumbags comes to Michael for help; his little girl’s been kidnapped by one of his clients. Eventually, she’s rescued, tricking the kidnapper into thinking some minor crook is his brother he wanted out of jail. Michael, Sam and Fi set up a small island-ish area at the end of a pier-road to fake the Bible turnover and take Bennett. But Vaughn, told to stay out of it, of course shows up with his men and it’s a shootout in which one of Bennett’s muscle boys grabs Michael and he’s shot by someone with a rifle - Jesse - and so is Michael in the process, in the upper chest (or upper back, really). Bennett herds him into the SUV he arrived in and in a desperate move, bleeding profusely, Michael makes a grab for the steering wheel to send the SUV out of control until is rolls and crashes. Bennett appears dead and Michael could be dying from his wound as he black out. The last thing he sees is a figure in boots grabbing Bennett’s metal briefcase with the bible inside. Now that’s a cliffhanger.

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