'More to Love': Sister Kristian, oh your time has come

The other night on "More to Love," I get to reference several 80s songs and I am excited.

The day dawns in the Bachelorette Pad with our ladies excited about being in the Top 6. The first date is for Mandy and Kristian. When Kristian hugs Mandy, I am struck by the difference in their sizes. Mandy is NOT a big girl. She's not a size 0, but she's not a big girl. I just don't understand the casting on this show. Is it average women or big women? There's a difference.

Dancing Date

Mandy goes all "My Best Friend's Wedding" on us, proclaiming, "I've got moves you've never seen." Kristian has a great time salsa-ing, but Mandy goes much better with Luke. They have real chemistry together. For one-on-one time, Kristian goes first. She's happy that Luke loves her for her. Oh, blahblahblah.

Mandy comes in to see them kissing and turns around and leaves. She is... crying in the bathroom? Really? Once again she doesn't feel "special" right now. Luke is "pursuing Kristian more." OMG! This is a dating show that started with TWENTY women! What were you expecting, doofus?

Back at the Bachelorette Pad, the four other girls make cupcakes for Luke for when he gets home. Awww. Well, at least they're getting along.

Luke finds his cupcakes and Kristian is so jealous that she missed out on making him food. Because she's a loon. She got to go dancing with him, but she's clearly envious she missed out on the baked goods.

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