'The Closer' Finale: Brenda messes with Texas

"The Closer" season finale revolved around a series of brutal crimes, a jurisdictional pissing match, and multiple manipulations. Plus, Daddy returns, and Charlie tugs the heartstrings.

We open on a comely blonde sitting in the pool, talking on the phone, not a care in the world... until someone stabs her multiple times. Her husband said a ninja did it -- ok, fine, a guy dressed all in black, like a ninja. The squad doesn't believe it, of course, and set about trying to get him to confess. But guess what? Someone else reported a ninja prowler -- and he got away driving a car with Texas dealer plates.

So Brenda calls El Paso for a bit of info, and gets Detective Landry on the phone. He immediately knows what kind of case they're talking about, and says he'll be there in four hours. That's not what Brenda wants to hear.

Thus begins the jurisdictional fight of the evening. The ninja-clad killer murdered two women in Texas, and Landry wants to take him back to Texas for execution -- "Try 'em and fry 'em, or, as we may say it these days, collect 'em and inject 'em." Brenda doesn't want that -- in all likelihood, this man has killed a lot more than three women, and she wants answers for as many families as possible. They decide that the cop with the most evidence to try the case can have it. Landry is pretty sanguine when they track down their first suspect, the owner of the getaway car. Yes, he owns the car, and he just relocated from Texas, but he just picked that car up from the depot near the airport today.

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