'Stargate Universe' Episode 15 - 'Lost' Recap

We caught up with Eli, Chloe, Greer and Scott still stuck underground and looking for a way out. All hope seemed lost until the usually skeptical Eli dreamed up a plan to use the Stargates to "catch up" with Destiny. Meanwhile, the crew aboard the ship, determined to find the missing team, enacted a search mission once the ship dropped out of FTL. But they had their own problems to deal with; the ship's power seemed to be fluctuating, and Rush discovered that their next jump would be to another galaxy far, far away.

One of the great things about 'Lost' was how it allowed us to explore a number of different planets, if only briefly. For a show called 'Stargate Universe,' the characters don't really seem to use the actual Stargate very much. We're used to them interacting on the ship or using the communication stones to make trips back to Earth. It was a welcome change of pace to see the Gates spinning every few minutes in this ep.

The missing group's Gate-hopping plan actually felt like something out of 'SG-1' or 'Atlantis.' Except, of course, everything wasn't perfectly wrapped up with a big red bow at the end. The plan didn't work and our heroes were left stranded in the middle of nowhere with Destiny out of range. Eli might be a genius, but all of this Stargate stuff is very new to him. So, yeah, sometimes he's gonna screw up and send his team traveling in the wrong direction, especially when he's stressed out and being chased by the Rancor monster.

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