ABC Has Plans for 'Old Christine' ... Maybe 'Ghost Whisperer,' Too

For the past two years, ABC has expressed interest in picking up 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' if CBS decided to drop it. This year is no different. According to, if CBS cancels 'The New Adventures of Old Christine,' ABC will snap it up. The network even has a plan for where to program the Julia Louis Dreyfus sitcom. It'll be paired with Patricia Heaton's 'The Middle,' leading in to 'Modern Family' and 'Cougar Town.'

That would make for a very solid night of comedy, likely Wednesday again, which is what worked so well this season for ABC -- with the exception of Kelsey Grammer's woeful 'Hank,' which was mercifully axed by ABC last November.

'Christine' and 'The Middle' would make a good pairing, although neither show has been a ratings juggernaut. However, ABC would benefit from swiping 'Christine' from CBS because the Tiffany network would have to find a replacement, and they would lose whatever loyal 'Christine' viewership has built up in four five seasons. There's also the possibility that ABC is putting it out there that it would want 'Christine' to force CBS into keeping the show.

There's also been buzz that ABC might have its sights set on another CBS program: 'Ghost Whisperer.' The Jennifer Love Hewitt production is run by ABC Studios in a co-production with CBS Studios. Therefore, ABC has a vested interest in keeping 'GW' on the air. The decision could come down to how robust the CBS pilot season has been.

With shows like 'Hawaii Five-O' and the spinoff from 'Criminal Minds' likely to be greenlighted, and CBS perhaps wanted a full season of 'Undercover Boss,' the network may be ready to drop 'Ghost Whisperer.'

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