'The Biggest Loser' Season 9, Episode 14 Recap: Testing Their Strength

I've lived some bad weeks in my day, fellow Biggest Loser fans. I've scored a big fat C on a test the same week my crush spurned me and my parents grounded me. I've dropped boiling water on myself and had to go to the ER the same week that I got piled with time-consuming administrative work. And I've mistaken a hunk of butter for cheese the same week my DVR neglected to record Cats 101.

But, I've never, ever, had a week that went as badly as O'Neal's this week. I'll admit that I was hard on the yellow team members last week, when I found their histrionics a bit over-the-top and annoying. (And that came after weeks of being decidedly pro-Team Yellow.) And just as I was about to write them off for good this week, O'Neal had to experience so much misfortune, I couldn't help but side with him. I mean, just look at what he went through: The guy injured his bad knee during a demanding challenge, then had to cope with learning that his older brother had succumbed to cancer. Then his daughter had to flirt with the possibility of elimination. What did the Gods have against the guy this week? O'Neal was one slip on a banana peel away from really having the worst week ever.

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