Donald Trump Fires 2, Says Contestant 'Can't [Beep] Read' (VIDEO)

On 'The Apprentice' (Thu., 10PM ET on NBC), Gene is tasked with emceeing a footwear fashion show. To say that he stumbles over the script is putting it mildly. The various shoes are described as being "biscotti cover -- color," made of "four-grain letter -- leather" and "breather -- breathable -- polyurethane moisture absorbinate [sic] odor-resistant cushioning." And at one point, Gene calls a model Audrey, when that's actually the name of the shoe.

Donald Trump witnesses the botched job firsthand, as he sits on the front row. (Check out the orange foundation overkill.) In the boardroom, Trump says of Wade's performance: "He couldn't [beep] read! ... This is the worst job I've ever seen as an emcee." As a consequence, two contestants take the hit.

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