Robin Hood Season 1, Episode 1: Will You Tolerate This? - Recap

The pre-credits sequence begins with the character Alan-a-Dale being caught poaching deer by mounted soldiers. The leader of the group threatens to cut off Alan-a-Dale's hand, in response Alan pleads that he has a pregnant wife to feed. As the soldiers prepare to remove a finger (to which Alan-a-Dale had agreed in return for not being arrested) Robin stops them by shooting arrows around the hand of the man holding the axe. He then convinces the men that he has them surrounded. However, after they begin to leave, Much (Robin's friend and former man servant) comes out of hiding, and from his taunts the soldiers realise there are only the two opponents. The pair proceed to run for their lives.

After the opening credits, Robin and Much jump into a covered hole underneath a tree, before they come out of hiding. The two walk off, thinking back to their time in the Holy Land. They meet a weaver, and Robin decides to spend some time working for him. However, Robin is seduced by his daughter, and Much attempts to distract the weaver to no avail. The weaver and Robin fight before he escapes again.

The duo finally arrive at Locksley. They meet Dan Scarlet, also a carpenter, who "built half of Locksley". He explains how he chose to have his hand cut off to protect his two sons, who had been caught stealing. Sir Guy of Gisborne, the current ruler of the area, arrives, where Robin announces his return. Robin makes himself at home once more and proclaims Much a free man after his bravery in the Crusades. Much has something to eat and a bath, but soon gets out when Robin tells him he is off to visit the Sheriff.

Robin and Much receive a hostile reception from the former sheriff, Edward. They learn he is no longer Sheriff, and he and his daughter, Marian, tell them to leave. Robin finally arrives at the castle and sees no one has enough money for Wednesday market. He confronts the Sheriff at the Council and suggests that he abolish taxes, though the Sheriff bites back. Robin also learns the Carpenter's sons, Will and Luke Scarlett, have been caught stealing once more. Robin enters the dungeons to learn they will be hanged, and also meets Allan again, exposed as lying about his wife. Robin meets Edward secretly at night, learning how Prince John appointed the new Sheriff, and is also warned not to interfere.

The next day, the brothers and Allan are due to be hanged, and Robin has to read out their sentence. In case he reneges, the Sheriff also has Much held by two soldiers at a great height. A priest interferes by saying he and the Bishop are protecting the men by invoking the benefit of clergy, but is revealed to be a friend of Robins, a juggler and a performer, that Robin had asked to come and help. With the men dangling and his plan failed, Robin finally realises what to do, kicking down a soldier and cutting the ropes with their arrows. He also throws a sword to free Much. A soldier attempts to kill Robin, but Marian throws one of her hair pins at him, though only Robin notices. Robin, Will, Much, Allan and the juggler escape on horseback, where it cuts to Sherwood Forest. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, where they are confronted by Little John and his men.

Source: Wikipedia

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