Robin Hood Season 1, Episode 2: Sheriff Got Your Tongue? - Recap

The Sheriff enters Locksley village offering a reward of £20 for the whereabouts of Robin. No one is prepared to speak and so the Sheriff declares that for every hour he is not told of Robin's whereabouts he will cut out a tongue.

Meanwhile, in Sherwood Forest, Robin, Much and Alan have been captured and tied to trees, forced to take off their outer garments whilst Little John and his fellow outlaws rummage through their prisoners' belongings.

After Little John and his men leave, Will frees the others and Robin declares that they will take revenge. They follow Little John and his followers, then tie them up and retrieve their belongings. While Robin scorns them for how they treat their fellow men, robbing them when they should be trying to help overthrow the Sheriff, Little John's reinforcements arrive to tie up Robin and company once more. Little John is told of the reward on Robin's head and knocks him out and carries him to Locksley.

However, Little John's wife Alice is next to face the Sheriff's wrath. Little John is determined to save her by handing over Robin, but Robin convinces John to free him instead. Robin advances and shoots the shears in two with incredible accuracy, but is then forced to surrender. As Robin is hauled off to Nottingham Castle, the gang believe him to be as good as dead, apart from Much. Robin is interrogated by the Sheriff, who calls him a coward for not taking the opportunity to kill him.

Much heads after Robin to save him, asking Marian and her father for help: Marian's father will speak for him in court, but they can't do anything else. After Much leaves, Marian receives a visit from Sir Guy of Gisborne, now Lord of Locksley, who states that as Robin is an outlaw he is to be treated as a prisoner of war and will not receive a trial. Meanwhile, Little John sees his son again (though he is unaware that it's his father), and hears his wife sing him a lullaby to sleep. He then orders the gang to rescue Robin. Much comes first to Nottingham Castle, though due to a stray dog he is forced to sleep on a ladder until the rest of the gang arrive.

Marian also stages her own rescue attempt, at first scolding him for leaving to fight in the Holy Land, to which Robin romantically asks what is she really talking about. The gang arrive to rescue Robin whilst Marian distracts the guard with the unconscious jailer. However Robin takes a detour on his escape to see the Sheriff. He threatens that if the Sheriff dare touch another person to get to him he will personally kill him — to prove this he fires precise points near him. He forces the Sheriff by holding him at arrowpoint to apologise to every peasant by shouting from the window – during this time Robin escapes with the rest of his fellow outlaws. After which, Little John and his gang join Robin's men. Before returning to Sherwood Forest, Robin takes the gang around the village leaving parcels and money with their loved ones.

Source: Wikipedia

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