Robin Hood Season 1, Episode 4: Parent Hood - Recap

During an ambush against Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood and the outlaws discover a baby boy abandoned in the forest. During the fight with the outlaws Gisborne's men capture Roy and drag him back to Nottingham Castle. While in a cell, Roy discovers that Gisborne fathered a child with Annie, a kitchen-girl, and that he'd lied to the mother and abandoned the child in the forest. Later, Roy is brought before the Sheriff of Nottingham and given an ultimatum: kill Robin Hood, or watch his own mother hang.

Robin and the outlaws head to the castle to save Roy, only to find him riding away, supposedly having escaped. In order to lure Robin away from the others, Roy fabricates a story about the baby's mother living in Knighton. Meanwhile, Marian attempts to deliver food to a village that the Sheriff has quarantined. The guards stop her and she is only saved from reprisals by Robin and Roy's timely intervention. Robin is shot in the arm with an arrow while feeding the villagers, but he and Roy escape and are then joined by the rest of the outlaws.

Later, Robin and the outlaws are given shelter in a villager's home. Marian tends to Robin's arrow wound and they discuss why he returned from the Holy Land: while defending the King against assassins, Robin was badly wounded, and by the time he'd healed the King had moved on and released Robin from service. That night, while everyone sleeps, Roy tries to kill Robin but is foiled by Much and the others. He confesses that his mother is in danger, and Robin comes up with a plan to save her.

The next day, before Roy's mother's scheduled hanging, the outlaws sneak into the castle. Alan-a-Dale finds Annie the kitchen-girl and tells her about the baby, while the others break into the dungeons to rescue Roy's mother. The Sheriff captures them and brings them to the hanging, but the proceedings are interrupted when Annie attacks Gisborne for abandoning their baby. The outlaws break free of their captors and save Roy's mother, and in the attempt Roy gives his life so that the others can escape, screaming aloud his loyalty to Robin and King Richard as the guards stab him to death. Marian helps Annie and her baby to leave Nottingham and start a new life.

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